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If you find yourself presented with an assignment on fatherhood essay, it is important that you clearly understand the generally established roles of an American father. An essay my father my hero will be more driven by the extra duties a father performs for his kids. Also, the definition of a hero will be shaped more by the kind of economic or financial background a child was provided for by his father. Therefore, my father the hero essay will be dependent on the type of father-kid relationship and also the relationship between the parents. Apart from the money perspective one may encounter an essay on my father my role model or the godfather movie review essay which will be inspired by the teachings from the father as well as the behaviors of the parents. An essay on my father may be inspired by other people’s narrative and not necessarily your real father if was not there for you. Also an essay grandfather should be highly imaginative if the grandfather had no much impact in a person’s life. Similarly, my father essay may borrow heavily from fiction just to make it more interesting and fascinating to the reader. My father essay writing process is a bit different from the rest of the essays in that one must properly plan and have a good family history particularly in the perspective of the father.

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